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A new home for the database to make sure it stays free.

In 2006 started hosting the cddb service to make sure that it would stay alive and free. Now 14 years later we have seen that Magix the owner of has decided to take the cddb service on freedb down. As we stated in 2006 on "A new home for the database to make sure it stays free.", we now have to stay to our promise and do our best to make sure it is available for all the music lovers.

It is now possible to post updates to via mail and cgi script.
Set your favorite cddb avare program to submit via:
or via mail to:

If you have any questions or thoughts about the use of you can mail to

Important info written on December the 20.
Sorry for any inconvenience, but I have had a technical problem. A router has failed which have caused some instability over the last week. It has been replaced on December the 19. and I have been working on configuring the new router. I hope that all services are up and running.

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