Herbert Hakan

Seresta Internacional Vol. 4

Tracks: 15, total time: 62:28, year: 2004, genre: Pop

YEAR: 2004

1.4:52You and I
2.5:51Hey Jude
3.4:44If You're Not Here
4.3:42She's Like The Wind
5.5:59Careless Whispers
6.4:51Stuck On You
7.4:16What A Wonderful World
8.4:46Let It Be
10.3:09Give Me Your Heart Tonight
11.2:53Against All Odds
12.3:16Jha, Jha, Jha
13.3:06I Started a Joke
14.4:46A Whiter Shade of Pale
15.3:44Skyline Pigeon

Discid: rock / e40ea20f