SEMA 1998

Tracks: 13, total time: 55:52, year: 1998, genre: Industrial

This CD was given for free to the first thousand visitors at SEMA1998.
These are the only ones that exist.

1.4:10Cat Rapes Dog / Mark Of The Devil
From the album "Search of God"
2.5:23Saft / Undantag
From the album "Paranoia Erotica"
3.5:22Covenant / Leviathan
From the album "Europa"
4.3:34Page / Hon Sa
From the album "Helt nära"
5.3:12Kliche / Scope (SEMA D-Mix)
From the album "Five Miles per Gallon"
6.4:02Vacuum / Rise And Shine Olympia
From the album "The Plutonium Cathedral"
7.3:46Bay Laurel / First We Take Manhattan
From the album "Bitter Intoxins"
8.6:19Brighter Death Now / Sweet Baby
From the album "Innerwar"
9.3:47Project-X / It's All Gone (Overloaded)
From the album "It's All Gone"
10.4:53Headtrip Inc. / Core (Demo Version)
From demo tape
11.3:52Statemachine / As Elusive As Ever
From the album "Negative Feedback"
12.3:51Float / The Best Of You
From the album "Patience"
13.3:42Kafka / Linjestörning (Remix 98)
From demo tape

Discid: misc / ba0d160d